GraphQL API creation
GraphQL analytics and metrics open source
GraphQL Salesforce SAP connector
GraphQL Schema editor
You integrate more than 2 APIs, doing PWA or headless, mobile apps?
-Try GraphQL Portal !

GraphQL Portal is the easiest way to setup a GraphQL API endpoint. You can then connect any REST API, other GraphQL schemas or databases automatically, GraphQL Portal will generate and maintain a GraphQL Schema for you, it will handle authentication, quotas and provide you fine grained analytics for your API. No learning curve, no pain, rule all your data-sources with a single graph.

GraphQL errors explanation

Query orders from Salesforce, products from Akeneo and Prices from SAP in a same GraphQL request.

Enterprise version

Get access to our cloud or on-premises, enterprise version of GraphQL Portal. Advanced authorization and ACL management. Many exclusive connectors like SAP, Salesforce, Oracle or Adobe. Intelligent dynamic caching. H24 Support. Included back-end as a service platform, microservices management, and much more.

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