One graph, one authentication, many back-end APIs.

One Unified Graph

Access all your existing Data and APIs via One Unified GraphQL endpoint. You may have many data sources but you will have only One Graph to rule them all!

Configurable Data Connectors

Connect to your data and to 3rd-party services using our out-of-the-box data connectors. Be it PostgreSQL, existing REST API or a SalesForce API, we have a connector for you.

On Premises or Cloud

Our Gateway can be installed on-premises and configured to be a fully distributed gateway. Otherwise, you can also use our SaaS version which is completely serverless and requires zero-configuration and maintenance from your side.

REST API connector builder

We are providing an out-of-the-box Swagger/OpenAPI connector. However, if your existing API does not provide a Swagger/OpenAPI schema, you can use our REST API connector builder to manually map GraphQL schema to your existing API.

Single authentication key for all your data sources

Connect to all of your existing data sources and we will store the credentials safely on our side. You can then create an authentication key for your GraphQL schema and use it in your mobile or web application.

Monitoring and analytics

We provide an out of the box analytics of your data sources and of the Unified Graphs, as well as webhooks to notify you in real-time if something goes wrong.

Find out more

Learn more about GraphQL Portal Gateway in our official Documentation or request an invite to schedule a demo and access our alpha program!

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