Transform any back-end into GraphQL API using our data-source connectors

Tired of building out the same basic data-source adapters over and over again? Instead of using GraphQL to query all of your team's disparate data-source implementations, use GraphQL Portal's pluggable data-source adapters. GraphQL Portal comes with a large number of data-source connectors, covering all major protocols: OpenAPI / Swagger, GraphQL, gRPC, SOAP, Kafka, MySQL, Postgre, MongoDB and many many others.

Open API to GraphQL conversion in real time

The OpenAPI 
specification creates a RESTful interface for easily developing and consuming an API by effectively mapping all the resources and operations associated with it.. You can connect any OpenAPI schema and generate corresponding GraphQL API.

GRPC to GraphQL real time conversion script

gRPC is a blazingly fast remote procedures call protocol created by Google in 2015. Connect any gRPC endpoint and access it through your unique GraphQL endpoint.

GraphQL schemas aggregation, stitching or federation.

Want to aggregate multiple GraphQL API into one? This connector let you do exactly that! It's like Apollo Federation without requiring from your back-end services to know about being federated.

FHIR to GraphQL conversion

Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources is a protocol specifically designed for healthcare. Make GraphQL API from FHIR and build your next healthcare startup!

Thrift to GraphQL connection

Thrift is an interface definition language and binary communication protocol used for defining and creating services for numerous programming languages. Now you can generate GraphQL API from it too.

MongoDB GraphQL connector

Classified as a NoSQL database program, MongoDB uses JSON-like documents with optional schemas. You can easily create a GraphQL API on top of your MongoDB database in seconds with this connector

Postgre GraphQL API automatically generated and open source

If you want to build a GraphQL API on top of your existing Postgre database, this connector is for you. You don't have to write any resolvers.


Everybody knows MySQL :) but as for Postgre data-source connector, you can generate GraphQL API from any MySQL database in seconds.

Neo4J GraphQL API

Neo4j is a native graph database, built from the ground up to leverage not only data but also data relationships. So naturally it's easy to integrate it as a GraphQL API.


Kafka is an open source software which provides a framework for storing, reading and analysing streaming data. Connect and consume it as a GraphQL API.